Are you looking for used books? We stole a few books from Indian Booktuber's collection & ensure to make them available to you at the most affordable costs. Our effort is to clear our own space for more books while giving you the opportunity to get access to select books at half prices (or even lesser). 

Terms & Conditions

  • 99% of the books -  we have only 1 piece. So, buy before they go out of stock.
  • We will be using a 3rd-party service to ship you these books. Free shipping.
  • We won't return the books or any items that are already shipped. Sorry. 
  • All these books are used books. Expect wear and tear, the amount depends on the age of the book and how many times it was read. Please feel free to reach out if you've additional questions or concerns about the quality of any book. DM at @indianbooktuber on Instagram with the name of the book and your concerns. 
  • For any other questions, simply write to us at indianbooktuber@gmail.com and we'll be happy to address your queries.